Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice


Instructor: Mrs. Connie Stinson

About the Class

Real-world applications include: Fingerprinting, Latent Print Detection, Police Reporting, Communications Skills, Use of Force Continuum Basics, how to conduct a Traffic Stop, and issue various law enforcement documents.

In year two students learn the basics of Crime Scene Investigation, Evidence Handling, Evidence Packaging, Interview Techniques, Search & Seizure Basics, and Courtroom Testimony, among other things. Juniors and Seniors are also eligible to take the class as a dual enrollment class through a partnership with Southwest Virginia Community College. Students could earn up to 12 college credits while still in high school.

Only Juniors and Seniors (and Sophomores with a high English 9 grade) are eligible for Dual Enrollment Credit through the Virginia Community College System (SWCC).

Career Choices: Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, State Trooper, Conservation Officer, Campus Police Officer, Correctional Officer, Probation Officer, Private Detective, Private Security Officer, etc.

Class Photographs

Image of Med-flight landing
Image of Criminal Justice Students