Dual Enrollment

RCCTC & Southwest Virginia Community College


Building Trades


Criminal Justice


Southwest Virginia Community College and the Russell County Career and Technology Center have joined together to further assist in our students' continuing educational goals.

In an effort to ensure a transition from high school to college, RCCTC is now available to offer Dual-Enrollment Courses for some curriculum. Students who are eligible receive Virginia

Community College System credit for the work they do here at RCCTC.

SWCC Admissions requirements for Dual Enrollment:

  1. Enrolled as a student at RCCTC

  2. Enrolled in a Dual-Enrollment eligible class.

  3. Junior or Senior in High School (or have a high English average as a sophomore, note 9th graders are not eligible).

  4. Meet attendance requirements for the class and college.

  5. Pay students' portion of class fees to the school system.

Note: Requirements may be amended by the school or college. Please check with the RCCTC Placement Counselor and your Instructor before enrolling.